For the admirers and drivers of the Buick Reatta automobiles we have compiled from various
sources the majority of visual media that Buick produced concerning the Reatta and put it on
DVD. Because the Reatta was produced as a fine luxury automobile, we wanted this DVD
edition to also be a fine product, that Reatta owners can place alongside with their other
treasured Reatta merchandise & collectibles. On these DVDs you will find invaluable
information about your Buick Reatta.

In addition to this promotional material we have obtained other items of interest to Reatta
owners and also included this information on the DVDs.

What you will receive; Three DVD discs with the following:

Disc One - Promotional videos of the 1988 & 1989 Reatta models
         Lansing Craft Center informational segment (Part I)
         Tutorials on Reatta astroroof, ECC, head & tail lamps, Teves system & more

Disc Two - Promotional videos of the 1990 & 1991 Reatta models
         Reatta Convertible segment includes Operation and detailed Maintenance
         Lansing Craft Center informational segment (Part II)
         DIY Reatta ABS Brake tutorial

Disc Three - Two hour Reatta Workshop held at the Nationals in Flint
            Bonus footage from the 2003 Flint Buick Nationals.

These DVDs are produced from the best obtainable sources, digitized utilizing a proprietary
digital noise reduction system and time-base corrector for very good image quality.

Professional DVD Features: (DVD-R)
Attractive & Easy to Navigate multi-layer menus
Motion Menus with Music clips
Reatta Picture Gallery Slideshow (Disc 1 & 2)

Available in three disc styles:
Standard (silver or gold faced) discs (no artwork)
Premium Inkjet Printed graphic discs (special DVD-R designed for printing)
Deluxe Hi-Quality Printed Waterproof disc - finest commercially available DVD-R discs,
Printed graphics will not smear or run (even under running water)! Looks super too!
FYI: To keep costs low to you, discs are shipped in protective paper
sleeves with bubble wrap to protect them during transit.
So be aware you will not recieve a "hardshell" DVD case.
We have shipped many discs in this manner with nearly 100% success,
however if you recieve a damaged / cracked disc we will replace it for no

The DVDs are only available as a full set of three & not sold singly.

Our purpose for this endeavor was to get this material into the hands of those who
would appreciate it and also, those who will want to acquire it in the future, as more
people become aware of the virtues of the Reatta. The labor involved is that of a
labor of love, by a fellow Reatta owner - yet the materials used do carry a cost which
we will need to pass on to those who desire to acquire the DVDs.

STANDARD Gold face discs - $10.00
PRINTED With Inkjet Printed Graphics - $15.00
DELUXE w/Graphics on Premium Waterproof disc - $ 20.00

Please remit your payment by Check, Money Order, Paypal or Google Checkout
Shipping in the USA lower 48 is included.

Please contact us for International rates
Contact Information:

Video Legacy
P.O. BOX 123
Marysville, IN 47141

email:  shaded_dog(at)yahoo - dot com
Silver face discs
With Inkjet Printed
w/Graphics on Premium
Waterproof disc
$ 20.00